Empower Nail Art Prints are not image1
pre-designed nail-shaped car
decals for do-it-yourselfers

Empower Prints are 3″ x7″ nail films which add to the palette of professional nail artists

Designed for unlimited creativity,
Empower Prints are used to make
thousands of stunning looks on their
own, or with your polishes & gels

Made Specifically for nails,
Empower Nail Art is super flexible
and 1/2 as thin as decals
or polish strips

image2Available individually and in Style Sets,
Empower’s 21 Square inch large prints offer
limitless creativity for only pennies per nail

Engage, empower, step ahead… that’s why we made this. It empowered us, it will empower you

Strongly adheres to acrylics, gels, gel-polish hybrids, natural nails and
even other films

Formulated to work with or without topcoats and super thin for layering
and encasement

150 Shapes in different sizes on the back of every sheet are easily cut
out for artistic accents

The Nail Template is used to create full wraps which fit perfectly in
11 sizes, 3 styles, and 4 cuticle shapes

Apply simply with light pressure at room temperature and without
special tools